Fees For Service

A common question is: “How much do you charge?"

This is a difficult question to answer ahead of time, because fees are always based on the time spent on the work and the complexity of the work. It is often impossible to provide a quote over the phone without first getting an idea of the whole picture. In comparison to other professional accounting firms, our fees are very competitive and reasonable. This is while retaining the quality and skill necessary to achieve the best possible results for all your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We have the resources, expertise and skill required to help you every step of the way.


Our bookkeeping services include proper classification and data entry of all your businesses financial transactions, in addition to bank reconciliations, HST filing, and reports of profits and loss.

Our minimum fee is $100/month for a small business with 35-45 transactions, 2 bank or credit card accounts and 1-2 employees. For businesses with more transactions we will need to evaluate and decide on these fees in our consultation meeting. For first time clients our special offer is First Quarterly Bookkeeping Free of charge*

Tax Services:

We provide the expertise required to meticulously study and take full advantage of every available opportunity to reduce your family tax bill. We consider everything when preparing the personal returns, including personal financial planning strategies and corporate taxes. During the engagement we consider tax planning and correspond with the Canada Revenue Agency and Internal Revenue Service as required.

Tax services, like our other services based on the complexity of the matters and time taken to perform the work required.

Tax returns can be prepared and filed for up to 10 prior years

The fee for basic personal tax return starts from $45/student. The regular current year's basic tax return fee starts from $75/return & late tax return starts from $85/return. The fee goes up based on complexity of the tax return and the time spent.

Estates & Deceased (preparation and relating documents included): From $315.00

Trust Tax Return (preparation and relating documents included): From $345.00

Corporate Tax Returns (preparation of financial statements from client’s bookkeeping records included): from $875.00/return. Special Rates for inactive dormant businesses. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note these fees are not written in stone and are negotiable at times and subject to change without notice.

Consultation fees are waved should you retain our services

Corporate Returns:

Tax returns for corporations are more complex than personal tax returns and have different requirements. These need to be properly met to file these returns.

The above fees assume that your bookkeeping has been properly prepared. As is often the case, if the information supplied is on a spreadsheet, we must prepare the bookkeeping beforehand. This will require all supporting materials and in this case the fees can be higher than stated above.

Financial Planning

Note that financial planning, retirement income projection, estate planning services are offered on an advice-basis. You will seat down with our financial planner to discuss your situation.

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